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6 Learning Strategies to Steal from Social Media

TikTok isn't just dancing. Instagram isn't just models. Facebook isn't just a record of poor decisions made in your college years (I see you, Millennials).

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google, which owns it. From the notes a recent Google meeting, we also know that TikTok and Instagram are following closely behind.

These are the informal learning tools that real people are using in their real lives. As learning and development professionals, we would be short-sighted to ignore popular media consumption and socializing trends in the digital space.

There is a lot we can learn from social media and social networks about how to quickly distribute learning, make content digestible, and create community.

Let's take a look at six strategies you can steal (although, I assure you, there are more).

#1 - Live-streaming

woman with purple hair mid-speech on a social media live stream platform

Live-streaming is essentially broadcasting made accessible to the layperson. Paired with social features like commenting, reactions, tagging, and sharing, it is a powerful tool for quickly distributing everything from formal lessons and tutorials to think-alouds and watch-me-as-I-work sessions.

Potential Use Cases

  • Executive company-wide communication

  • Product launches for sales enablement

  • Recording processes

#2 - Carousels

Carousels are series of images that you can scroll through. Instagram's algorithm favored carousels for quite some time. Engagement rates for carousels are still higher than singular images.

While your preteen cousin may use carousels to photo dump her latest selfie series, carousels are used powerfully by content marketers who want to educate their audience while providing meaningful calls to action.

Potential Use Cases

  • Super microlearning

  • FAQs

  • Best-Of Lists

  • Quotes from Experts

  • Storytelling

#3 - Microvideo

60 seconds or less. That's what microvideo is all about. It's a great solution for hyperfocused communication. Eye catching and easy to digest, Instagram has gone all-in on microvideos with their popular Reels feature, which directly competes for TikTok's microvideo marketshare. YouTube has also entered the microvideo game with YouTube Shorts.

Potential Use Cases

  • Hyperfocused explainers

  • Quick tutorials

  • Client testimonials for spirit boosting

  • Day in the life to help departments understand one another's work

#4 - Scheduled posting

Your strongest relationships are built through consistency, so it should come as no surprise that engagement goes up when people come to expect regularly shared content.

Potential Use Cases

  • Weekly discussion topics

  • Q&A sessions with experts

  • Celebrating successes

  • Monthly challenges

  • Daily project status updates

#5 - Quick Access Categorization (Hashtag systems)

There is so much content out there in social media land. Now, think of your organization's file system. Can you always find what you need? Is there a magic search button that surfaces categorized content, rather than what's in folders? Well, even if it doesn't (yet), you can tap into quick access categorization strategies, like hashtags. You've seen them everywhere from LinkedIn to Twitter to Facebook to TikTok to YouTube and just about every major platform in between.

Potential Use Cases

  • Project details and updates

  • Team communications

  • Topic-driven discussion

  • Longitudinal study of trends within your organization

#6 - Push notifications

Love to hate them. Nothing gets my attention more quickly (at least in my work life) than those little notification pop ups that tell me I have a new email or calendar invite or message waiting. Sometimes, it's overwhelming-- it's true. But sometimes, it's gives me the reminder right when I need it. Push notifications can make sure important things don't get lost in the noise.

Potential Use Cases

  • Training reminders

  • Encouraging people to share feedback

  • Highlighting exciting new content added


With Your Instructional Designer's social learning network setup service, you can capitalize on the best social media has to offer for workplace learning. It's cost-effective, scalable, and engaging.

Want to learn more? Contact us.

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