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About Us

We believe in one thing above all else:

Make learning that matters

Established in 2017, Your Instructional Designer is the go-to social learning agency for employee learning and development. Powered by a team of learning experts and instructional designers, our mission is to make learning that matters—for our clients and their people.

We love working with organizations in times of transition and growth. This is the time that learning and development can have the biggest impact on an organization’s ability to thrive in the marketplace.

The Your ID Advantage

Experts in Social Learning

We practice, research, and study social learning. Unlike our eLearning development friends, it's not just something we dabble in. It is what we do-- all we do. Every team member, from intern to PhD-level strategist, participates in constant feedback sessions and professional development to be at the top of our game in social learning design and strategy.

People-First Philosophy

We believe that when people connect with other people and feel truly like they belong, they are more likely to be kind (the research supports it) and thus make the world a better place. Focusing on people and giving those people the best possible experience is our way of doing that. That's why we always aim to provide exceptional service.

Proven Frameworks

Working with over 100 organizations over the past 7 years in industries ranging from Aviation to Fashion to Health Tech and a whole lot in between , we've learned what works and what doesn't. We've used those experiences to define a set of frameworks that power impactful social learning--- the kind that leads to higher performing teams, reduced incidents on the job, and improved employee experience.

Our Learning Philosophy

We have 8 essential beliefs that guide how we design for and advise our clients.


The end goal of learning is not knowledge but action.

Small Wins

Small wins can create big change.


Learning happens in an ecosystem.


One-time learning isn't enough. Spaced repetition & mixed practice create deep learning.


Progress is not linear.


Emotions impact learning. Design for experience.


Timely feedback is essential to learning. We do not learn in a vacuum.


Opt to support performance in real-time whenever possible rather than train for recall.

Meet the Team

Learning Experts. Creatives. Kind Humans.

We’re a close-knit team of learning nerds. We're also client-focused professionals with a large network of reliable specialist and partners. We're proud to have an outstanding reputation in our field as social learning experts, and we're even prouder of the fantastic relationships we've built with our clients.

We're here to help.

Let us transform your team and your tomorrow.

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