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Make learning
that matters.™

Accelerating startups through scalable employee training

that improves operational efficiencies and internal collaboration

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Are you winging it with every new hire you onboard?


Do you bite your nails worrying that someone will leave and take years of institutional knowledge with them that simply isn’t captured elsewhere?


Do you pray that your superstar team member can juggle more mentoring while also hitting their KPIs... and not burning out or quitting?

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If employee training is stressing you out or keeping your business from expanding at the rate it could, this is your sign.

It can get better. We can help.

We transform employee training from “eek” to “ahh.”

With our digital social learning solutions, we bring back water cooler conversations while helping you capture big ideas, feed information to the right people at the right time, and make continuous learning something people actually want to do.

We evolve the employee training experience so you can grow your business.

We love what we do, and we would love to help you.

Do you know just how valuable training is to your future?


return on investment


This is the dollar return for each dollar spent on training at Accenture, according to an Accenture study.

Nearly 60%

of employees


Those who go through a structured Onboarding process stay with the company for 3+ years, according to a SHRM study.

$1.4 billion



in learning and development currently being made by Deloitte for their employees.

If you want people to perform better, get up to speed faster, and stay longer, you need an effective learning and development strategy.

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Connect people—to people, to ideas, to systems. With the right learning strategy and content, your team will thrive.

Powerful integrated learning + collaboration systems and strategy that keep up with the demands of a growing business

When to use it: You have no learning and development strategy for your company or a haphazard one, and you're ready to transform into a learning organization. You need help with strategy, content, and training your team.


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Learning Campaigns

Microlearning experiences that leverage drip campaign strategies and conversion copy. Get people jazzed up for what’s to come and keep your learning culture thriving

When to use it: You have a super-focused topic that you want to keep at the top of your employees' minds, you want to create a series of small actionable steps that lead to little wins, you want to market a larger learning experience, or you want to boost training after a formal learning event.


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Digital Cohort

Transformational topic-focused social learning experiences that foster bonding between colleagues while allowing for deep learning

When to use it: You want to train complex skills that take a while to sink in, ones that require formal instruction, practice, feedback, and reflection. You want to foster continuous learning and collaboration beyond the cohort.


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Storytelling Video

Animated or stock-based explainers that create emotional connection by attracting with stories instead of lecture

When to use it: You want people to be emotionally invested in the work (hello, internal marketing), promote a new learning program, and/or help to clarify complex concepts and data for employees or customers. You're looking for a bit of edutainment.


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Learning Community

Organic communities of knowledgeable colleagues that support learning any time

When to use it: You've got a group of people who are interested in the same things, but there's no immediate need. You're looking to support collaboration and innovation through conversation, but need help engaging the group.


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We’ll help you identify the best solution for your team’s unique needs.

Ready to make learning that matters? Let's talk.

Who benefits from digital social learning solutions?

Our social learning solutions are a great fit for growing remote or hybrid teams that:

Need to break siloes and reconnect employees

No one should be on an island on their own, just because they work off-site. It's time to bring the team back together.

Demand for social skills or complex problem solving

Empower your employees to navigate social situations, such as sales, consulting, or customer services, AND/OR problem solving, such as product development, engineering, or design with a solution that allows them to practice in a social environment

Thrive on collaboration and innovation

If you want to foster innovation through collaboration, you need a solution that helps your team members learn together, challenge one another, crowdsource information, and grow as a result. Self-paced elearning alone isn't gonna cut it, and neither is daily one-on-ones with a supervisor.


Image by Sara Kurfeß

Nicole has worked on software training videos for me at Netflix, and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend her as a instructional design and curriculum consultant.



Image by Diego PH

Nicole 'hears' what I am saying (which sometimes is confusing even to me) and then makes it so. Nicole is a strategic thinker and executes flawlessly. And topping it off- is a pleasure to work with.




When I look for a designer I look for someone who listens, someone who collaborates, someone who is knowledgeable, someone who is creative and someone who understands my customer.  All of that plus a friendly demeanor is what I got.



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Learn. Connect. Grow.

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It's more important than ever to make sure your people feel connected and that your company-wide learning is agile. Let us build you a system that supports collaboration, innovation, and improved employee experience.

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