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It's an attention economy.

Save money, reduce training waste, and improve the employee experience with microlearning content that moves people to action.

Two Ways to Engage Employees with Microlearning Journeys

Set the Pace of Training with a
Dripped Learning Campaign

Actionable bite-sized training delivered to the right people at the right time

Let Them Go Fast or Slow with a Self-Paced Learning Journey

Short, bingeable training content for on-demand learning at your own pace

Our 3T Method Powers
Big Impact with Bite-Sized Training

We create exceptional microlearning experiences

by designing action-based learning journeys with our 3T method.

Success transformation and Transform to succeed or improving concept and leadership in bus


We define the transformation that learners need to make so they can take actionable steps towards it.

Image by Glen Carrie


We identify the tasks someone would be able to perform if they achieved transformation, and we figure out how to measure competence.

Image by Nick Fewings


We translate subject matter expertise into tips, tools, and templates that learners can apply on the job.

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Learn faster. Work better.

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