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SKS Consulting Group sets up a social learning network tailored to their business needs

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Case Studies

Social Learning Network

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Business Consulting

About SKS Consulting Group

SKS Consulting Group is a talent assessment firm, staffed by PhD-level psychologists. They're on a mission to help others maximize their talent potential and make the right hiring decisions

On that journey, the partners realized they needed a scalable learning and development solution that would let employees learn at their own pace, while still connecting and learning from others

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"Your Instructional Designer has, and continues to be, 
a great partner to our business. From the needs assessment to solution design to implementation, Nicole and the team have been consistently responsive, knowledgeable and professional - not to mention a fun team with whom to work."


The Problem: Training Inconsistencies and  Time Crunch

When SKS called your ID, the partners spent months mentoring new hires one-on-one. The training experience lacked consistency, dependent on how much time partners had to mentor and develop consulting staff.

The solution had to empower employees to learn, calibrate, and collaborate to get people up to speed more quickly. This would enable the organization to continue growing and maintain its reputation as an esteemed service provider and employer.


The Solution: A Social Learning Network

“It has been clear from the beginning that the team knows their stuff, and that they were not attempting to deliver a one-size-fits-all solution. Recommendations have been tailored to the needs of our business and people,” said Nathan.

Following a comprehensive needs analysis, the Your ID team found a social learning network setup would be the most fitting solution.  Our aim?

To create a learning ecosystem that encourages team members to learn, connect, collaborate, and grow together.  The deliverables included: 

Communities with curated learning pathways, mobile-responsive microlearning, custom videos, and discussion prompts

Implementation support, including admin and moderator training, documentation, and advising

Learning campaigns to drive continuous, collaborative learning across the organization

Storytelling video and a search-friendly knowledge base of over 50 articles

Evaluation criteria and quarterly employee engagement surveys

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Enhanced efficiency

With organized resources for training and reference in place, SKS strategically re-distributed mentoring responsibilities to senior consultants. Managing partners' time commitment to staff development was slashed by 75%, allowing them to get back to business critical tasks, and top performing consultants now have access to leadership growth opportunities previously unavailable.

Evolving learning environment

Several months in, SKS's social learning network continues to move forward, powered by employees and a thriving learning culture. It has expanded with lunch 'n learns, book clubs, conversations, and the addition of a Harvard Business Review integration.

L&D thrives beyond mentorship

With curated learning pathways and a search-friendly user base, everyone actively participates in learning and development, regardless of seniority. Moreover, individuals are encouraged to join discussion groups, share insights, and foster connections within the organization. The result is greater feelings of belonging and inclusion, depsite moving from a centralized office to a distributed team model.

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"I cannot recommend the work of Your Instructional Designer highly enough - in addition to being great people, the team is highly competent, collaborative, and helpful. The value of their work is evident, and we plan to continue the partnership in the years to come."


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Amplified Life embraces interactive digital learning and serves nearly a quarter of million users as a result.


"D2D is the missing link for many Instructional Design degree plans and academies. Take this course to develop the 'human side' and skill that many are missing within ID."
Whitney S. Instructional Designer

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