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Activate results and minimize scrap training with a clear plan of action

Confidently invest your time and resources with our strategic L&D needs analysis-- your customized roadmap to impact.

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Move forward with confidence with a detailed
evidence-based plan of action

Unlike our competitors, we don’t just leave you with a list of problems to solve. We provide recommendations and a prioritized roadmap to help you create an effective programmatic approach to organizational learning.


Critical Data Review


SWOT Analysis


Key findings explained with detailed recommendations


Prioritized action plan


Technology and vendor recommendations


Supporting research


Presentation of Key Takeaways with Strategic Advisement Session

Customized recommendations based on your unique organizational learning needs


Learning Maturity

How evolved is your approach to learning and performance?

Learning Tech Stack Effectiveness

How are your tools and platforms performing?

Audience Profiles

What does it really mean to serve the people you need to serve?

Performance Environments

Have you created an environment where people can do the things that need doing?


Here’s How It Works

Our needs analysis process is rigorous, but efficicently delivered through a two-phase, 10-step process, culminating in detailed documentation, purpose-focused presentation, and strategic advisement.

Phase 1: 5-Step Needs Analysis

Step 1

Sync Up

We bring key players to the table to establish alignment from day 1.

Step 2

Documentation Review

We review existing training materials and other organizational documentation to better understand existing content and demands.

Step 3

Listening Tour

We examine sentiments towards current and proposed solutions to organizational learning, approaches to training, and culture.

Step 4

Critical Observations

We observe ways of working to assess how the work environment influences performance.

Step 5

Report Review

We review data and reports from internal systems, such as learning management systems, to identify gaps in learning and performance.

Phase 2: Findings & Recommendations

Step 6

Holistic Analysis

We holistically review the data gathered through the aforementioned activities to highlight significant needs.

Step 7

Findings Explained

We provide a detailed list of our findings, including evidence and explanations.

Step 8

Prioritized Recommendation

We create prioritized recommendations with key action items. This includes vendor and technology referrals, as appropriate.

Step 9

Key Takeaways Presented

Our documentation is intensive and extensive, so we highlight the most important findings and recommendations via meeting with key players.

Step 10

Strategic Advisement

We support you as you determine which recommendations you will implement.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

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Lead with clarity

With evidence-based recommendations, you'll be able to take clear action towards impact.

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Resource efficiently

Stop wasting time, energy, money, and reputation with value-less learning and development initiatives.

Tired of wasting time
and money on ineffective training methods?

Let us design a precise action plan for creating training that will help your employees outperform the competition.

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Schedule your Discovery Session today
because wasting time on ineffective training isn't an option.

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