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Training shouldn't just be a bunch of Zoom sessions or an act of isolation.

Ignite innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning

with a Your ID-style digital cohort

Leverage your people power with a mini training ecosystem.

Our digital cohorts merge content and community to connect people through training.


We blend digital marketing, social media, and community management principles with learning theory and technology to engage your employees in learning that lasts.

Choose a Digital Cohort When...

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Skip the awkward silence.Let us design you a digital cohort that keeps people participating.

Digital cohorts tap into the magic of "shared reality" to support human connection and conversation (at least, when they're well-designed, they do).

They turn your training into a learning community, where employees are surrounded by the right information, resources, and conversations to support continuous learning and collaboration.

Digital cohorts are a great solution for...

  • Onboarding / new hire orientation

  • Customer service training

  • Leadership development

  • New manager training and development

  • Sales enablement

  • New skill aquisition / upskilling

  • Consultant training

  • Collaborative problem-solving

  • Negotiation training

  • Critical thinking

  • Product development

  • Goal setting

  • Change management

The skills you need to compete aren’t the ones you can Google and learn in 10 minutes or have someone explain once and never forget. 

Impactful skills require impactful solutions. That's where digital cohorts come in.

Make It Stick

Building concepts over time keeps them top of mind

Cultivate Community

Shared experiences foster feelings of belonging that drive initiative and retention

Get Hands-On

Practicing skills  alongside peers supports improved performance

Collaborate & Innovate

Timely conversations push big ideas forward faster

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Skill building plus team bonding
supported by strategic design.

Two Ways to Play

We use two proven methods to deliver cohort learning for employee development.

The Flipped Classroom

Learners build skills week over week by training on foundational knowledge, applying new skills to their work, and coming together for group coaching.

The Mastermind Group

Learners expand their horizons through organic theme-based conversations and strategic feedback sessions plus a library of curated resources.

We'll help you choose the best solution for your organization's specific needs.

What You Get With Our Digital Cohort Design Packages

So much more than just curriculum development. We pull together a vision, strategy, and compelling content that connects employees and gets results.

Game Plan

We strategize and document a plan of action for the entire delivery of the cohort. This includes:

  • curriculum map

  • technology recommendations

  • audience analysis

  • style guide

  • incentive strategy

  • evaluation criteria

Internal Marketing

We develop an internal marketing plan and content to support it so that your people are excited to consistently participate in the cohort. This includes:

  • storytelling video

  • copy for nudges via email, messaging, or internal social media

  • badge design

Structured Learning Content

We create a learning journey that empowers learners to build on prior knowledge. This includes:

  • short-form, self-paced content (e.g., microlearning)

  • content for moderated group sessions (e.g., conversation guides, slides)

Organic Learning Experiences

We support the organic exchange of ideas with intentional design of the learning spaces, structures, and content. This includes:

  • community design

  • communication channel content

  • resource library curation and content development

Implementation Support

We give you the tools your team needs to make your cohort-based program work for you, now and any time you want to launch it again. This includes:

  • cohort playbook

  • train the trainer session

  • moderator training session

  • user experience survey

Our 7TS Framework for Digital Cohort

How We Craft Compelling Cohort Experiences


Where is the learner starting? Where are they going?


How will we know they’ve gotten there?


What information will support them in making that change?


How can  their degree of achievement be assessed?


What should they be discussing with others?


How fast or slow should this transformation happen? How often do you they need to connect with others?


What tools and technologies can support this experience?


How can Your ID support client success?

Community Management Experts

We're Meta Certified Company in Community Management

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Ready to maximize
your training impact?

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