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Ignite innovation, inclusion, and continuous improvement in your business with a digital cohort.

An engaging training solution for distributed remote and hybrid teams.

Learn together. Grow together. No matter where you work from.

More than just “let’s have a virtual presentation every week,” our digital cohorts blend digital marketing, social media, and community management principles with learning theory to engage employees in learning that lasts.

Choose a Digital Cohort When...

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What's a
Digital Cohort?

A digital cohort is a group of people participating in the same online learning program at the same time, kinda like a college class.


But more than that, when designed right, digital cohorts are a skill building and team bonding tool.

Digital cohorts turn your training into a learning community, where employees are surrounded by the right information, resources, and conversations to support continuous learning and collaboration.

Digital cohorts are a great solution for...

  • Onboarding / new hire orientation

  • Customer service training

  • Leadership development

  • New manager training and development

  • Sales enablement

  • New skill aquisition / upskilling

  • Consultant training

  • Collaborative problem-solving

  • Negotiation training

  • Critical thinking

  • Product development

  • Goal setting

  • Change management

The skills you need to compete aren’t the ones you can Google and learn in 10 minutes or have someone explain once and never forget. 

Impactful skills require impactful solutions. That's where digital cohorts come in.

Make It Stick

Building concepts over time keeps them top of mind

Cultivate Community

Shared experiences foster feelings of belonging that drive initiative and retention

Get Hands-On

Practicing skills  alongside peers supports improved performance

Collaborate & Innovate

Timely conversations push big ideas forward faster

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Transform training with our unique approach to digital cohort design

Two Ways to Play

We use two proven methods to deliver cohort learning for employee development.

The Flipped Classroom

Learners build skills week over week by training on foundational knowledge, applying new skills to their work, and coming together for group coaching.