Cut training time in half
without sacrificing talent development

Your Instructional Designer enables fast-growing companies

to upskill and nurture employees at the speed of change

so that your organization grows without friction. 

You’re in growth mode. There’s no time to train employees.

And even if there was, your business is constantly evolving as it scales.

You don’t want to dump time and money into training that will be irrelevant soon.

You need a learning and development strategy that can keep up with the speed of business while empowering your employees to collaborate and innovate.

And that means you can't rely on traditional training methods.

That's where Social Learning Networks come in.

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What's a
Social Learning Network?

Social learning networks are a cost-effective solution for onboarding, upskilling, and ongoing workplace learning.


They take the best features of social media platforms—the ones that drive engagement and collaboration—and turn them into powerful corporate learning ecosystems.

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Share, like, stream, and chat your way to a better-prepared team while gathering actionable data about the employee experience.


Algorithms and interest-based groups lead your people to the content they need while helping them feel a sense of belonging.

Content creation, knowledge base development, and learning path curation power professional growth and institutional knowledge capturing.


Tagging systems and enhanced search functionality help employees surface the information they need when they need it.

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Learning is better when it’s social. Here’s how your growth stage company wins with our Social Learning Network Setup.

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Social Learning Network Setup: The Roadmap

A Connected Team, a Happier Workplace

When people feel like they belong, they perform better. When everyone works together, it builds self-sufficiency. Create a place that people want to be a part of and watch your company thrive.

Scattered Knowledge, Solved

Help them find information fast so they can do more meaningful work. No more time spent unclogging stuffed emails or chasing co-workers for help on mundane issues. Keep everyone working towards the same goal by leading them to a single place for all company knowledge.

A Talent Development Strategy That Grows With Your Company

As your company grows, keep everyone on the same page. Enable consistent and efficient knowledge sharing across your team which enable leaders to focus on broader initiatives.

End the Shoulder Tapping and Repeat Questions

When employees have too many questions, productivity dips. Your team will spend less time searching outdated systems or chasing busy co-workers for the information they need. We curate a library of updated policies, procedures, and trainings in one convenient hub so less time and resources are lost.

No More Lost Knowledge

When talent leaves, your company doesn’t have to suffer. We’ll help you record and create specific shared tacit knowledge that never gets lost. Important information will never be limited to one person and is easily accessed: now and in the future. 

Real-Time Insights and Collaborative Innovation

Support innovation by breaking down silos and fostering communication. Crowdsource solutions, get instant feedback, and use reaction data to get an at-a-glance idea of how people feel about new ideas or solutions.

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Social Learning Network Setup:
The Roadmap


Needs Analysis

We’ll define the goals and needs of your organization and your learners through a four-part analysis framework. We’ll use the data to guide the learning strategy and experience design.

 STEP 1: 


Strategy & Structure

We’ll strategize the best setup for your social network, including content distribution guidelines, engagement strategy, communication channel designation, formal learning pathways, social calendars and campaigns, and identification of integrations.

 STEP 2: 

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Content Creation

We’ll prepare your platform for productivity and engagement with content that supports socializing, learning, and collaboration. Content will be produced to match your brand’s look, feel, tone, and style.

 STEP 3: 


Launch Support

We’ll support adoption and engagement by preparing your administrators with training and resources, entering users in the system, and supporting the launch with a social campaign that includes email and more. We’ll support implementation from inside the network for 30 days. 

 STEP 4: 

Your Instructional Designer’s Social Learning Network Setup service takes the guesswork and the gruntwork out of implementing a social learning network.

Built with the growing startup in mind, we make sure you have all you need to engage your people in adoption of and continued engagement with your new network in ways that are meaningful to their development and your business.

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Need On-Going Support?

Let us do the heavy lifting.
We offer managed services for those looking to offload continued curation, creation, and review of content, campaigns, and microlearning. 
We’ll keep your content, policies, and curated library up to date.

What Else Can Our
Social Learning Network Setup Do For You?


cut top-performer-as-trainer time and share their insights in recorded broadcasts


document standardized processes and frequently needed information while also allowing for rapid updating


deploy company-wide communications quickly and gather responses


allow learners to go at their own pace (within reason) so that they can move quickly through what they know well while spending more time on the areas where they lack confidence


create content once and use it forever


integrate social learning with the systems you’re already using in your business (e.g., MS Teams, Google, Slack)


collect insights about the employee experience so that you can make more informed decisions about training, hiring, and the future of your organization

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Let Your Instructional Designer demonstrate
how a well-implemented social learning network
can drive better company performance, lower training costs,
and keep your team ahead of an unpredictable future.

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