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Comprehensive Project List

Below is a categorized list of learning projects that we've worked on.

Adaptive eLearning Projects

All of the projects featured below included extensive curriculum design work, scripting and storyboarding, assessment development, and e-text composing.

  • Automated CPR Device User Training

  • Automated CPR Device Sales Team Training

  • Airbus A320 Aircraft Systems Ground School

  • Aviation Maintenance Technician - Emergency Evacuation Systems

  • Aviation Maintenance Technician - MRM Human Factors

  • Aviation Maintenance Technician - SFAR 88

  • Aviation Maintenance Technician - RVSM

  • Aviation Maintenance Technician - Receiving Inspection

  • Aviation Maintenance Technician - Required Inspection Item

  • Dispatch - Basic Indoctrination

  • FAA A & P Exam Test Prep

  • Flight Operations - Basic Indoctrination

  • Embraer RJ8 Aircraft Systems Ground School (prototype)

  • Driver Assistance Systems (prototype)

  • Community College System - Guided Pathways Staff Education (200,000+ users)

  • HIPAA Compliance Training for Healthcare System Staff

  • Flight Attendant New Hire Training

  • Ground Security Coordinator New Hire Training

  • Pharmaceutical Industry - Procurement Ethics

  • Subject Matter Expert - Developing Courses for Adaptive Learning

  • Stations - Customer Service Agent New Hire Training

  • Stations - Aircraft Cleaner New Hire Training

  • Stations - Ground Operations Agent New Hire Training

  • Stations - ACAA & Complaint Resolution Official Training

Articulate-Based eLearning (Rise and/or Storyline 360) & Adobe Captive Projects

The projects below varied in "intensity." Some required full design and builds; some needed to be converted from face-to-face content to eLearning. Many include scenario-based learning and/or branching scenarios.

  • Avoiding Burnout for Healthcare Professionals (Storyboard only)

  • Aviation Maintenance Technician - Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS)

  • Aviation Maintenance Technician - Receiving Inspection

  • Aviation Maintenance Technician - Required Inspection Item

  • Aviation Maintenance Technician - RVSM

  • Behavioral Health and Resilience for Healthcare Workers

  • Color Psychology & Dopamine Dressing

  • Copywriting

  • Client-Facing Writing

  • Ground Security Coordinator New Hire Training

  • Hiring Practices

  • Maternal Mental Health (Storyboards only)

  • New Hire Training / Company Introduction - Small Business

  • Onboarding for Sales Enablement Team - Car Insurance

  • Opioid Use Disorder (CEU)

  • Participating in Academic Conference Experience

  • Personal Stylist Training

  • Performance Expectations

  • Substance Use Disorders / Addiction

  • Stations - Ground Operations Agent New Hire Training

  • Teaching Writing to Undergradutes

  • Workplace Wellness (multiple)

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is my favorite approach. The projects below required needs analysis, curriculum design, content development, and, for some, training the trainer.

  • Forecasting Commercial Construction Projects (ILT, vILT, asynchronous eLearning, video-based learning, and job guides)

  • Personal Development (vILT, asynchronous eLearning, video-based learning)

  • Scheduling for Construction Projects (Asynchronous eLearning, video-based learning, job guides, and mentoring)

Documentation Development

Guides, manuals, and other useful documents are useful tools for delivering learning content.

  • Aviation Training Documentation Manual

  • Content Strategy Virtual Training Participant Guide

  • Conference App User Guide

  • Instructional Design Methodologies

  • Instructional Design Style Guide

  • Mobile Application User Guide

  • Organizational Playbook

  • Public Speaking for Professionals

  • Product Assembly Instructions (Doll Bike Seat)

  • Branding on Social Media - Online Course Text

  • Subject Matter Expert Instructional Design Training Participant Guide

  • Subject Matter Expert Quick Reference Handbook

Instructional Video Scripting & Storyboarding

Video has been featured extensively in many of the projects I've worked on. This list outlines video-only projects.

  • Branding for Influencers on Holonis

  • Construction Project Management software update training

  • How to Use the eLearning Platform training for personal development course consumers

  • Early Career Search Training (storyboarded, developed, and edited)

  • Forecasting Commercial Construction Projects (storyboarded, developed, and edited)

  • Internal Asset Management software training

  • Steam Inhaler Device Use Training

  • Onboarding for Freelancers

Instructor Led Training (ILT) & virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT)

Admittedly, vILT is some of my favorite training to create. It can be highly interactive and highly impactful.

  • Acquisition Software Training (ILT)

  • Know Your Numbers - Small Business Finance (vILT)

  • Public Speaking (vILT)

  • Skin Cancer Awareness (ILT)

  • Strengths-based Leadership (vILT)

  • Zoom User Experience for Live Styling (vILT)

Training I've Designed & Facilitated

The trainings shown are ones that Your Instructional Designer created from scratch, including all related presentation materials. They were facilitated by our founder, Nicole Papaioannou Lugara.

  • 3 Things You Can Do Today to Level Up from ID to L&D Consultant

  • From Data to Design - needs analysis and consulting training for IDs (8-week online self study program plus community)

  • eLearning Freelancer Bootcamp (8-week online program, partnered with IDOL courses Academy)

  • Galaxy of Assessment (for IDOL courses Academy)

  • Instructor Training - Using Zoom to Lead Virtual Workshops

  • Instructor Training - Teaching with Adaptive Learning Software in Blended Learning Environments

  • Needs Analysis 101 for Learning Designers (live online workshop)

  • Scripting for Instructional Video & Voiceover (live online workshop)

  • Scripting Voiceover for Video (asynchronous online course)

  • Storytelling in eLearning

  • Subject Matter Expert - Instructional Designer Collaboration

  • Using Video for Learning

  • Workshop Development & Delivery

  • What Does an Instructional Designer Do? (for Video Production Team & non-IDs)

  • Zoom for Virtual Meetings

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Academic Courses Designed & Facilitated

For the courses below, I created the syllabuses from scratch, selected texts (none of which needed to be purchased), created the assignments and course materials, and designed online learning experiences. I taught, managed the interactions, and evaluated student performance.

  • Composition (university course; also taught blended and online sections)

  • Critical Writing (university course; also taught blended and online sections)

  • Fiction Writing for Young Adults (multi-week library program; ages 8 - 17)

  • Pre-College Reading (university course)

  • Proofreading Tips & Tricks (workshop)

  • Passing the Education Department Written Exam (workshop)

  • Writing in the Disciplines (university course)

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"She's the best prof I've had at Pace so far, great teaching method. She doesn't use textbook but instead gives you links to what she wants you to read for class. She's helpful, sweet, lenient but fair, She's super knowledgeable, you can tell she loves her job"

-ENG110 Student,

Conference Presentations by
Our Team

I've presented at international, national, and regional conferences, both alone and in groups, in traditional and non-traditional formats.

  • "Getting Started Freelancing." Summer Community Day. The Training Learning & Development Community. Online Conference. 19 September 2021.

  • "Needs Analysis 101." Learning Personas Summit. Mumbai,    India / Online Conference. 11 December 2020.

  • "The Educators Exodus to Industry: What to Do When It's Time to Leave." #HigherHireEd Online Conference. 06 August 2020.

  • "Tearing Up The Playbook: Communication Planning for a Post COVID-19 World." SCORE Mentors Monmouth County Monthly Seminar Series. 08 May 2020.

  • “Where the Ocean Meets the Sea: Explorations of Student Writing that Travels Across and Beyond the Curriculum.” International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference. University of Minnesota, Minneapois, MN. 12 June 2014.

  • “The Ecology of Growth Spaces: First Year Writing Students’ Perceptions of Public and Private Writing Environments.” Conference on College Composition and Communications. MGM Grand Hotel Conference Center, Las Vegas, NV. 15 Mar 2013. 

  •  “Twitter as a ‘Middle Space’ for Graduate Student First Year Writing Instructors.” Roundtable presentation. National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention. MGM Grand Hotel Conference Center, Las Vegas, NV. 17 Nov 2012. 

  • “Use Your Smarts.” Alumni Address. Golden Key Induction Ceremony. Pace University, Pleasantville, NY. 4 Nov 2012.

  • “The Ethics of Tolerance: Knowledge Activism in the Post-9/11 Writing Center" (with Katharine Cimmino, Jordan Dolan, and Leonard Grant). Panel Presentation/Workshop Northeast Writing Center Association Conference. St. John’s University. Queens, NY. 15 Apr 2012.

  • “Ethnography and Activist Writing: Sustainable Inquiries for First Year Writing.” Presentation. State University of New York Council on Writing. Fashion Institute of Technology. New York, NY. March 31, 2012.

  • “’But they would not teach her to play’: Augusta Webster’s Daffodil and the Croäxaxicans: A Romance of History and the Victorian Debate on Female Education.” Curiosities: The 19th Annual British Women Writers Conference. Ohio State University. Columbus, OH. 1 Apr 2011.

  • “Branching Out: Digital Literacy and the Writing Center” (with Tara Bradway, Tuli Chatterji, Jordan Dolan, and Christopher Leary). Panel Presentation/Workshop. Northeast Writing Center Association Conference. Southern New Hampshire University. Hocksett, NH. 12 Mar 2011.

  • “’But they would not teach her to play’: Child Heroines, Fantasy, and the Victorian Debate on Female Education.” Student Research Symposium. Montclair State University. Montclair, NJ. 23 Apr 2010.

  • “Hide and Seek with Identity: The Role of the Quest in the Psychological Metamorphosis of the Children‘s Fantasy Hero.” Plenary session of Annual Meeting of the Society of Fellows of Dyson College. Society of Fellows of Dyson College. White Plains, NY. 22 Apr 2008.


I've published my writing, participated in events, and developed full-scale programs.

  • Online professional development workshops on topics related to instructional design, freelancing, and writing for learning designers -

  • YouTube

  • "Podclass" for ATD's Learning Technologies Certification Suite

  • Blogging -

  • Mobile Course - How to Navigate the Internet

  • Client Assistance Portal for Digital Marketing company (design & content)

  • Essay for academic collection on alt-ac positions and affective labor (accepted for publication; expected early 2022 publication)

  • Online Professional Development Portal for Higher Ed Faculty, focused on the teaching of writing - I owned, designed and developed the content, and operate this site.

  • Micro-podcasts for learning product marketing

  • Poetry: “Monster.” The Monster Book for Girls. Ed. Terry Grimwood. London: Exaggerated Press, 2011. Print.

  • Poetry: “Breaking,” published in the Fall 2007 issue of North Central College’s North Central Review. Print.

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