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Amplified Life embraces interactive digital learning and serves nearly a quarter of a million users as a result.

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Case Studies

Digital Transformation

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Workforce Wellbeing

About Amplified Life Media

Amplified Life Media is a workforce well-being company. They specialize in helping your EAP promote your brand, amplify your reach, and enhance the wellness of those you serve - all while saving your company money


ALM is US-based, employing a team of clinical experts, instructional designers, videographers, graphic designers, and developers. They join forces to produce custom-branded, well-being media for EAPs, employers, and other organizations.

The Digital Transformation Challenge:

When Amplified Life reached out to Your ID, they were serving a small group of organizations with print publications brochures, and in-person workshops.

To scale their Workplace Wellbeing programming, they knew they had to catch up and go digital, so they came to us for strategy and design.

The Solution:  Went Beyond a Digital Workplace Wellbeing Platform

Together, we built a digital workplace wellbeing platform and revamped the concept of a PDF newsletter to a mobile-responsive immersive newsletter + microlearning experience with a multimedia marketing campaign for monthly release.

Later, we'd take that foundation and expand it to an on-demand training library that enhanced their subscription offering. In two years' time, we produced over 20 newsletters, 18 training library modules, and over 45 videos.

“After single-handedly enabling us to transform our nationally distributed, full color, multi-page behavioral health print newsletter into an interactive, mobile-responsive digital masterpiece, Nicole and her team went on to develop an entire library of interactive, Rise 360 behavioral health videos and trainings for us and the more than a quarter of a million employees we now serve." Lyle L.

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The Outcome:

The response from Amplified Life's clients was overwhelmingly positive. Testimonials continue to roll in praising how relevant, engaging, and useful their new digital suite of offerings are.

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"Beyond her instructional design super powers, Nicole is simply a wonderful person to work with and do business with. I can’t say enough about all that she has brought to Amplified Life Media.  It has been an absolute privilege and pleasure to work with her, and I highly recommend her, her team and all they might do for you!"


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"D2D is the missing link for many Instructional Design degree plans and academies. Take this course to develop the 'human side' and skill that many are missing within ID."
Whitney S. Instructional Designer

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