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Your blueprint for creating
a compelling cohort experience

- in just four weeks

Skip the trial-and-error with a tried-and-tested framework for engaging employee training via cohort-based learning. 

*For cohort programs comprised of more than 6 sessions, the 4-week timeline may be expanded.

Choose A Cohort Blueprint When You

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Need help building a cohort that your people actually show up for

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Don't have time or resources to drive high-priority training forward faster

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Create an opportunity for employees to dive deep into a complex subject

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Want to maximize the impact of your existing training materials

We Deliver The Following In Just
Four Weeks


Curriculum outline

We design a high-level outline of necessary performance objectives, learning events, and assets. This helps you deliver an effective cohort experience for up to 6 sessions

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Community Strategy

We craft a community-building and maintenance plan for your cohort. This allows participants to connect, exchange knowledge, and thrive


Curation Strategy

We discover content and organize the information architecture. The goal is to enable personalized learning and performance support

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Communications And Marketing

“If you build it, they will come” only works in the movies. Attract the right kind of attention to your program, and get your employees excited for what’s to come

 Case study 

From Data to Design - Our most popular cohort-based course for Instructional Designers

It's pre-approved for use as continuing education towards the Association for Talent Development's CPTD and APTD certification

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Here’s How It Works


Sync Up

We align with your team on your vision for the future and collect data so that we can achieve project success.


Our social learning experts join forces to design a step-by-step action plan for you, allowing you to deliver an effective cohort learning experience for your employees.




We provide two rounds of review and make adjustments as needed. This is to ensure that the program is accurate, relevant, and appropriate for the context.


We handover the cohort blueprint to you so you can deploy your program quickly and get your employees performing better.


And the best part?
You've got a team of experts on your side.

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Get captured strategies for
moderators and facilitators

You get a transcript of the session, a summary of key takeaways so you always remember what we discussed

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Consult with social
learning experts

Work with a team of social learning experts and get the insights you need to deliver a winning cohort-based program

Tired of wasting time
and money on ineffective training methods?

Let us design a precise action plan for creating training that will help your employees outperform the competition.

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Schedule your Discovery Call today
because wasting time on ineffective training isn't an option.

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