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FROM DATA 2 DESIGN: Creating growth opportunities for talent development professionials with a digital cohort

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Project-based Cohort Learning

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Personalized Feedback

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Toolkits & Templates

About the Course

Your Instructional Designer was early to the digital cohort trend in learning and development with our popular needs analysis and consulting program, From Data to Design. Upon the completion of the course, our goal was to prepare learning and development professionals to:

Develop a process for strategic data collection and analysis

Identify the needs of private businesses to develop ROI-driven solutions

Discover a toolkit of unique training solutions and performance interventions

Craft design documentation that conveys the vision to clients, colleagues, and stakeholders

Practice pitching solutions and responding to objections

Use surveys and interview questions that yield productive feedback.

"From Data to Design is THE missing link for many Instructional Design degree plans and academies. It brings the ownership and consulting experience into the mix. Take this course to develop the 'human side' and skill that many are missing within ID!"

Whitney S
Instructional Designer | Cohort 2

Course Content

Dripped over 9 weeks, the program walks through an extended scenario to support project-based learning. It's a blend of microlearning, videos, interactive scenarios, templates, community, and group coaching. Here's the overview:


7 Strategy-Building Modules


Consulting and Project Support Strategies


Mock Discovery Call


4-Part Data Collection Framework


Personalized Feedback


Certificate of Completion


Here's what participants had to say:

The course has received overwhelmingly positive feedback and is pre-approved for use as continuing education towards the Association for Talent Development's CPTD and APTD certification

I have 10+ years of experience as an instructional designer and have recently begun consulting. Let me tell you, D2D did NOT disappoint! Nicole's enthusiasm, organization of course materials, industry knowledge, high-quality templates and downloads, expert opinion, and passion for truly getting to the root of performance issues, have proven to be an invaluable resource for me! I am confident I will return to these course materials and use the knowledge and information I gained in this course for months and years to come. Whether you're just starting out, or you've been at it for a while, I confidently believe you will find value in this course.

Lindsey S

Instructional Designer | Cohort 1

From Data To Design greatly put things into perspective for me in the ID space. The emphasis is on changing behavior, and the course does just that! Prior to completing this course, I had a good understanding of ID and created plenty of content, but I did not know how to do things such as making that first 'discovery call' to find out what a potential client needs, I did not know what tools I could use as part of my solution. The simple how-to's of defining a problem to architecting a solution for it and then pitching a proposal to your client is what I have learned from this course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their ID jobs to the next level.

Suprita J

Instructional Designer | Cohort 3

From Data to Design is THE missing link for many Instructional Design degree plans and academies. It brings the ownership and consulting experience into the mix. It doesn't matter if you are a freelancer, an ID in a company, or an ID in higher ed, it is a requirement for all instructional designers to find real solutions that meet the organizational, project, and learner goals. You must have great consulting skills to manage projects and work with SMEs. Take this course to develop the 'human side' and skill that many are missing within ID!

Whitney S.

Instructional Designer | Cohort 2

More than 15% of members have come back to tell us that the consulting, design, and project management skills they learned in From Data to Design had a direct impact on their ability to find work, take on more exciting opportunities by getting buy-in from stakeholders, and/or get promoted.

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