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Enabling Employee Development
A Workshop Series for Team Leaders

Improve productivity, retain your talent, and create a high-performing team with a culture of continuous growth

Free registration is open to non-L&D managers and team leaders, who lead teams of 10+ individuals.

Here's what you get with free registration:

Highly applicable strategies and tools

We don't like learning just for learning's sake. During our workshops, you'll consider your actual work. And you 'll leave with implementable ideas and instruments for improving your team's performance.


Hands-on learning, not just a webinar

If we wanted you to hide the browser tab and listen, we'd have made this a podcast. But your time is precious. We want you to get practice and make progress during your hour with us. So we'll invite you to participate in activities (not just the chat) and apply concepts to your own context.


Guidance from learning and development experts

We've worked with nearly 100 organizations over the past seven years to implement strategies and learning experiences that support employee development. This includes organizations in aviation, fashion, health and wellness, technology, and more-- everything from the multibillion-dollar global enterprise to the savvy small business. We know what it means to do employee training with excellence in just about any context.

Register for Free!

Spaces are limited to the first 100 participants. Open to non-L&D professionals only. Secure your spot in our four 1-hour workshop series at no cost by filling out the form below.

Yes, I'm ready to improvement my people development skills with the following workshop experiences:

Thanks for registering! Look for an email from with details.

The Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these workshops free?

Yes, 100% free.

Will I be provided a recording?

No. These are live, interactive workshops. We'll send some helpful follow up information and key takeaways, but we do not provide the recording. Want to request additional time slots? Send an email to

Can I sign up my team?

Absolutely! We welcome team participation.

What do I need to participate?

Bring your spirit of curiosity! We'd also recommend having:

  • pen and paper or other notetaking tools

  • an updated version of Zoom

  • a willingness to participate

Ready to upskill your leadership and your team?

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